Bhansali Polo Team Wins the First AHPRC League in 2023



The AHPRC League in January 2023 received the participation of four teams - Bhansali Polo, Dubai Wolves, El Basha Polo, and Hesketh Polo.


Match Results


11th January:

El Basha Polo vs. Hesketh Polo: 7.5 - 6

Bhansali Polo vs. Dubai Wolves: 8 - 7.5


13th January:

El Basha Polo vs. Dubai Wolves: 5 - 4

Bhansali Polo vs. Hesketh Polo: 6 - 5


The last day of the tournament opened with a goal from Juan Cruz Gallego for Hesketh Polo, and the team carved a three-goal lead by halftime. The team kept its momentum and won their match against the Dubai Wolves at 5 goals to 1.


The final match between Bhansali Polo and El Basha Polo teams saw Rishi Bhansali take the lead with two consecutive goals during the first chukker. Tariq Al Habtoor and Santos Iriarte narrowed the gap in scores byhalftime. Justo Cuitino leveled the game before the final chukker with both teams tied at 3 goals. The patron of Bhansali Polo sealed the win with two goals by the end of the fourth chukker and closed the game at 5 goals to 3.


Osama Esmat, Director of Rooms of Al Habtoor Polo Resort, awarded the teams of the day with Rishi Bhansali as the Most Valuable Player and China as the Best Playing Pony.


The AHPRC League in January is sponsored by Adityas Catering Services, a company that offers a one-stop-shop solution for Furniture, Catering & Banqueting Equipment, Chinaware, Cutlery, Glassware, Serve-ware and Transport.

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